Ben Herskovitz

Benjamin Herskovitz is an artist with autism who lives and creates in Saint Augustine, Florida. Ben is a prolific and energetic artist, who depends on the creative process as a way of interacting with others and organizing his own environment. Ben’s heightened visual-spatial and sensory awareness allows him to create nuanced sculptures and designs with almost any material.

Ben’s artwork helps him to connect with others, express himself, regulate his emotions, and soothe his senses. He works in a wide variety of mediums, including acrylics, oil pastels, chalk, clay, and sand. Ben creates both indoors and outdoors. Ben has limited verbal communication skills, but his creativity knows no bounds; his art-making process has evolved into one of his primary forms of self-expression.

Ben is inspired by the soothing voice and lush landscapes of Bob Ross, mandalas created by Buddhist monks, artist Andy Goldsworthy, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Many times, the process of artmaking is even more important to Ben than the art product itself. In his spare time, Ben loves visiting museums and other accessible public places.